Roughrider Electric readies holiday trees for communities

Roughrider Tree

Roughrider Electric volunteers help place a holiday tree in downtown Beulah, ND.

Everyone should enjoy a tree during the holidays. For the North Dakota towns of Beulah and Hazen, that’s where Roughrider Electric comes in.

Every year, a few employees from the Basin Electric member cooperative donate their time to bring this form of holiday hope and cheer to communities it serves.

In Beulah, it all starts with someone from the community who wishes to donate a tree.

“I guess the town has quite a list of people willing to give,” says Tim Volk, Roughrider Electric line superintendent. “They never have trouble finding a Christmas tree.”

The city cuts, Roughrider Electric hauls – that’s the way it’s always done, he says. Some of the trees can be quite large, towering at 65 feet.

Residents have come to expect to see a tree being pulled down Main Street every year. Volk will say he and his employees play a minor part in the effort, but their work serves as more than mere tradition; it’s something that brings holiday joy to the people of Beulah. Roughrider Electric makes sure the happy tidings don’t end there.

Love Light Tree

Senior Lineman Russ Walters strings lights onto the Love Light Tree in Hazen, ND.

Every year, at Hazen’s Sakakawea Medical Center, the cooperative also helps string lights on the facility’s Love Light Tree. The tree’s lights, donated by community members, represent prayers for someone in the hospital or who has recently passed away.

The Hazen Hospital Auxiliary group even brings the Roughrider Electric volunteers a platter of baked goodies for when they’re finished stringing lights. The volunteers always look forward to the treat.

“These trees are nothing like Time Square,” Volk chuckles.

But they’re more than enough for the people of Beulah and Hazen.

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