Stay Basin: Where people love to work

Ron Vessa

Basin Electric: A place to call home

Ronald Vessa has spent the last five years being psyched to work for Basin Electric.

“Basin’s a first-class operation in my book, and it really shows here at Dry Fork Station. Everybody who walks into this facility is very impressed with how clean and nice it is,” he says

Dry Fork Station, seven miles north of Gillette, WY, is an amazing facility, but some folks might be just as amazed at the length of Vessa’s title. He’s a maintenance planner/scheduler/supervisor, while doubling as warehouse supervisor.

Try saying that three times fast.

Be part of the cooperative’s history

Dry Fork Station began commercial operation in November 2011. Since day one, Vessa has felt he’s making history at the plant.

“We get to mold the way of the future for this plant, which has been challenging and educational,” he says. “We’ve had the fortune of putting a system together you’ve always dreamed of.”

Of course, building something as intricate as Dry Fork Station takes a great team. Vessa has been able to work with and learn from talented people, some of whom have spent up to 30 years at Basin Electric.

Part of planning for the future involves making sure maintenance processes and databases remain up to date. That can be a tall order, Vessa says, but Basin Electric hires people who take challenges head on.

The cooperative believes in growing its employees as assets. Continued learning and training are common here.

Throughout the past 30 years, Vessa has been an electrician, contractor, coal miner and clean coal technologies specialist. Now that he’s with Basin Electric, he enjoys multiple opportunities to learn even more.

Great people, great ideas

Vessa says his favorite part of the job is putting together maintenance programs and communication tools for his employees. They work hard, and he wants to make sure they have everything they need to get a job done safely and effectively.

“I’ve got some very good people working for me,” he says.

Employees always come first, Vessa adds. By providing things like great benefits and growth opportunities, Basin Electric shows it cares about its employees.

Vessa is working on a program that keeps records of any given item in the plant. For example, he could look up the entire history of a motor – where it was purchased, when it arrived, where it’s located, maintenance details, and how it’s used.

Information at your fingertips. It’s just another part of the history that’s being made at Dry Fork Station.

Innovation is one part of what’s valued at Basin Electric, and what makes innovation possible here is employees’ input.

“Everybody has an opportunity to voice their thoughts,” Vessa says.

You can’t beat working for Basin Electric

At the end of the day, Vessa is thrilled that he has a secure job with great benefits and opportunities. Basin Electric has helped him grow as an individual, as well as a professional – which is priceless.

“You can’t beat jobs like this,” he says. “They’re tough to get, and I would encourage anybody to strive to get a job at Basin Electric.”

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