Stay Basin: A cooperative that keeps promises

Dalyn Hugo
A cooperative with great values

When DaLyn Hugo sat down for a job interview five years ago, she wanted to know how Basin Electric feels about environmental compliance.

“They said, ‘There’s no doubt that we will be 100 percent compliant,’” Hugo says. “I’ve seen them live up to their promise. I feel quite fortunate to work for a company that is willing to walk the talk.”

Hugo, an environmental coordinator at Basin Electric’s Dry Fork Station, wasn’t originally planning to interview for an open position at the cooperative. But a friend insisted she check it out, and it ended up being the perfect fit.

“I’m really glad she brought it up because I wasn’t looking for a new job at the time,” she says.

Hugo is impressed with how Basin Electric steps up to the plate when it comes to meeting environmental regulations.

“I like that we have transparent compliance,” she says. “Basin has put all of us in a good position.”

Work with awesome people, shape the future

A University of Wyoming alumna, Hugo provided environmental services for both the state of Wyoming and the private sector before joining Basin Electric. She’s incredibly impressed with the staff she gets to work with every day.

“We don’t have to put out a lot of fires because things are managed so well,” she says. “We couldn’t do that without the people we have working here.”

Each Dry Fork department has its own rhythm. While a lot of the plant’s employees focus on day-to-day operations, Hugo spends much of her time looking at the bigger picture. This largely involves planning out ways to meet government regulations in years to come.

“We just need to figure out how we’re going to comply,” she says.

Hugo isn’t worried about the cooperative’s ability to meet upcoming regulations. The cooperative continues to ensure its members and employees have a strong future.

Basin Electric is all about family

Family is also very important at Basin Electric. Hugo welcomed her first child into the world three months ago, and she says the cooperative has shown nothing but support.

“It’s an extremely family-friendly company,” she says. “When it comes down to it, that’s what all of us find important.”

Basin Electric’s strong support also includes a great benefits package. “The benefits have been excellent,” she says. “A lot of companies have gotten rid of pensions and had their employees pay a lot more for medical. I’m glad that Basin really has been able to support us in that regard.”

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