Basin Electric employees cross finish line together

2014 Bismarck Marathon Corporate Relay

Team Cheap and Reliable smile for a photo with their medals. (left to right in blue t-shirts): Josh Rossow, Kris Schmidt, Bryce Harring, Dave Soma, and Sarah Feist. Lynn Beiswanger (third from right), stopped to congratulate the team.

Last month, five Basin Electric employees ran in the 2014 Kroll’s Diner Bismarck Marathon Corporate Relay.

Basin Electric senior safety coordinator, Lynn Beiswanger, is co-race director for the Bismarck Marathon. “As soon as the announcer called out ‘Cheap and Reliable’ representing Basin Electric, I ran over to congratulate them. It’s always a highlight watching the Basin Electric relay team cross the finish line. What an accomplishment for each team member, but what’s even better is the camaraderie they formed,” Beiswanger says.

This year’s team included Sarah Feist, administrative assistant II, who was not only new to the team – she was also new to running competitively. “I personally had never competed in a running race and am fairly new to running. I have walked a few 5K’s with my mom for fun and more recently I completed a sprint triathlon in August. I was training for that around the same time, so I thought this relay would be good additional training and a new challenge,” Feist says.

The team got together early in the morning, Sept. 20, and dropped off their first runner. There were five legs of the relay ranging from 4.2 to 6.6 miles each. “I was nervous to participate in a larger event, but I thought it would be more fun and less pressure with a group of co-workers,” Feist says.

Bismarck Marathon Relay

Dave Soma waves as he zooms by during his leg of the race.

Basin Electric mechanical engineer III, Bryce Harring, was another member of the relay team. He says a cowbell became their trademark team noise-maker. “Originally we planned to use it at the exchanges to help find our teammate, but it quickly became a way to motivate and encourage other runners, too,” Harring says.

In the end, the team didn’t finish in first place, but Feist says that was not the reason they ran. “Teamwork and cooperation is what the relay is all about. It was an opportunity for all five of us employees to accomplish something great together. We cheered each other on and made sure above all else we had fun – after all, our team name was ‘Cheap and Reliable!’” Feist says.

Basin Electric covers the registration fee for the team. “I encourage employees to visit with this year’s team members, send them a note and read about their experiences. They’re a motivating group and I’m sure once you visit with them you’ll want to be a part of a relay team in 2015,” Beiswanger says.

Read more about Feist’s experience running in the event in her post, Bismarck Marathon Relay, on her blog, Feisty Eats.


  1. Great article. Nice to see the work support.

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