Progress report on The Cooperative Paperclip Project

Co-op Clip ND logoAt the end of September, we told you how cooperatives are raising money with a paperclip.

Since then, several cooperative employees have traded up for something bigger and better. Each item will be part of a silent auction at Basin Electric’s Annual Meeting. The money raised from each item goes to the charity of the co-op’s choice.

North Central Electric Cooperative in Bottineau, ND, started small and traded all the way up to a gorgeous star quilt from Tara Lagerquist of Dunseith, ND. Money raised will go to the Willie Wired Hand Christmas Giving Fund.

KEM Electric Cooperative in Linton, ND, started small and traded up to two brand new putters. If you’d like putters and have something to give in exchange, get in touch with Kirk Praus at KEM Electric.

Erin Huntimer from Basin Electric made several trades and is now holding on to a brand-new set of the “Ghosts of North Dakota” series of books, a $100+ value. Check in with her if you have a trade-up.

Northern Plains Electric Cooperative and Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative are each several trades in, powered by #CoopClipND founder Katie Ryan-Anderson.

Go to the official Cooperative Paperclip Project blog to read more: Nearing the end: So how BIG did we get #CoopClipND?

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