Stay Basin: Family is everything

Stay Basin
It seems we all know someone battling cancer.

For Mike Clyde, that person was his daughter. But thanks to the employees of Basin Electric, his family wasn’t alone.

Be part of a caring cooperative

Clyde, who has been an electrical and instrumentation supervisor at the cooperative’s Dry Fork Station since 2009, was thankful when his co-op family stepped in to help when it was needed most.

When Clyde’s daughter went through cancer treatment in fall 2013, multiple Basin Electric locations kicked into fundraiser mode. Clyde’s daughter made it through treatment, and is recovering well.

“I don’t think I could have done it without having everybody around here helping out,” he says.

That’s what the cooperative is all about. Basin Electric looks after its employees, and everyone who calls this place home is part of a caring co-op family.

What was also helpful for Clyde and his family during his daughter’s cancer fight was Basin Electric’s exceptional benefits. They’re tough to beat.

“The medical benefits are really good when you hit a turning point,” he says.

Safety is paramount at Basin Electric

Basin Electric has cared for Clyde and his family, and he returns the favor every day by taking care of his employees.

Clyde starts off every day the same. He rounds up his team for the morning safety meeting.

Each day’s safety topic is different. There’s plenty of ground to cover when it comes to safety, and it’s a topic that’s discussed throughout the cooperative.

“Taking our time is the most important thing when it comes to working safely,” Clyde says.

Your skills are needed here

Basin Electric is proud of the skills its employees bring to the table. In Clyde’s case, it’s a smorgasbord.

Clyde worked in the U.S. Air Force as an electronics technician. He specialized in missiles, working with electronic coding, programming and wiring.

He also worked for an automation company, making distributed control systems. Additionally, his talents made an appearance at a paper mill in Missoula, MT.

Clyde’s wide range of experience made him a perfect fit at Basin Electric. He was very happy to make the move to the cooperative.

“It looked like a good fit,” he says. “Also, it was closer to home.”

Dry Fork is seven miles north of Gillette, WY. Clyde is originally from Spearfish, SD, roughly 100 miles east of Gillette.

Help shape the cooperative

Dry Fork is a relatively new plant. It began commercial operation in November 2011.

Despite its young age, the plant needs routine upgrades. That’s a big part of what Clyde does. He says technology becomes obsolete quickly these days. “Everything’s software-related, so there are always updates.”

These updates, however, are not possible without an exceptional team. “My crew is really good,” he says. “They all bring a lot of knowledge and experience to help us get through daily operations here.”

Clyde adds that his favorite part of the job is fixing problems. Electrical work has always been his game, and he has never run into a snag he couldn’t work loose.

A promising future

All in all, Clyde is excited about his future at Basin Electric. He is appreciative of the care the cooperative puts into its facilities, equipment and – most importantly – its people.

“I think Basin has a solid future,” he says.

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