Boot Camp at Basin Electric builds confidence, buffness (Video)

Basin Boot Camp

Basin Electric employees are proud of their Boot Camp progress.

Drive by Basin Electric Headquarters in the early evening hours, and you’ll get a look into the wellness culture at Basin Electric.

A couple dozen men and women are running, lunging, lifting weights and doing situps outdoors, as long as the weather holds up.

Basin Boot Camp is headed up by Nicole Perreault, Basin Electric multimedia specialist II and writer of the internal Be Well blog for employees. Basin Boot Camp continues to grow, with 14 employees enrolled currently. When the weather is bad, Boot Camp moves indoors so employees can keep working out comfortably and safely.

Basin Boot Camp

Boot Campers use resistance bands to intensify their workout.

Perreault says her passion is health and fitness, so being able to hold Boot Camps for employees is a good fit. “I feel very fortunate to be able to lead Basin Boot Camp,” she says. “It is so awesome to see everyone get stronger, and see employees realize they are capable to much more than they originally thought they were.”

The current Boot Camp runs through the end of October, and future camps are being planned.

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