Stay Basin: Learn from legends

Steve Haider
Work with the best

Steve Haider is a guy who knows what it means to learn from the best.

The best, described by Haider, are among the plant workers who fired up Leland Olds Station Unit 1 when it first came online in 1966.

Having been able to work with many of these workers in his time at Basin Electric, Haider refers to them as legends.

“I worked with employees who had 30 to 40 years of service with Basin,” he says. “I’m one of the old guys now.”

Be part of Basin Electric’s history

Haider has worked at Leland Olds for 25 years, but he has the enthusiasm of someone who’s just getting started.

The control room operator has seen a lot take place at the plant, and he’s one of many employees proud to play their part in Basin Electric’s history.

“It’s been really exciting for me here because Leland Olds was the first generating plant that Basin put online,” he says.

Your future is here

Haider knew for a long time that he wanted to pursue a career at Basin Electric. His unmistakable passion for the electric industry pushed him to study power plants in school.

Even though a job didn’t pop up right away for Haider, he hung tough. After all, he understood that many people who earn a job at Basin Electric enjoy spending the rest of their careers within the cooperative.

“I knew Basin was a good company because most of the people I talked to were happy,” he says.

Haider’s work took him elsewhere for a while, but it wasn’t long before the cooperative was calling him home. A position opened up, and he seized his chance.

The cooperative is growing

When Haider went to work at Leland Olds for the first time in 1989, he was thrilled to finally be part of the cooperative he had heard so much about.

“I knew the salary was good. I knew that they had a good retirement plan,” Haider says. “And I knew there was going to be growth.”

And growth there was. Today, Basin Electric’s workforce continues to thrive, and there are many opportunities for eager applicants to seek out amazing jobs.

Most of Haider’s legends have since retired from Leland Olds. And while he’s not quick to admit it, he’s certainly earned his legend status at the plant.

In his years at Basin Electric, Haider worked his way up, from boiler attendant, equipment attendant, and other duties. Today, he’s involved in special projects, and it’s the younger folks who are learning from him.

Of course, he likes to think he’s learning from them, too.

“The opportunity to work at Basin right now is phenomenal,” he says. “I’m getting to work with a lot of the new generation of people. They’re way, way up on technology.”

Experience continued education

Basin Electric’s new generation of workers has great opportunities to grow professionally, Haider says.

Haider mentions the cooperative’s “Grow Your Own” program, for example, which gives applicants intern opportunities that help them grow into specific trades. There are also programs in which Basin Electric could help pay for a portion of schooling related to employees’ work at the cooperative.

Your work is valued

One of the most important things Haider learned from the legends of Leland Olds is that the cooperative values hard work.

A career at Basin Electric is a doorway to greater things.

“The doors are open,” he says. “You can make a lifelong career and you’ll be happy. If you go to work and work hard, Basin Electric is gonna take care of you.”

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