Employee’s family encourages neighbors to read with Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Bradley Bergstad (right),  his wife Renee (left), and their children find books to read from the Little Free Library on their lawn.

Everyone has a favorite book. What’s yours? Is it a Stephen King novel? A book about history? A Dr. Suess book? Or a book about cooking? Imagine those books in a library that is little and free, located just down the street. This is now a reality for the neighborhood of Driftwood Lane in Bismarck, ND.

Bradley Bergstad, Dakota Gasification Company area planner, and his family recently had a Little Free Library installed on their lawn. Basically, the Little Free Library is a box full of books to be shared with anyone and everyone. “We thought it would be a nice way to connect with our neighbors,” Renee says, Bergstad’s wife. “It’s a neat concept to be able to invite them to stop by and take a book.”

The program was brought by the Friends of the Bismarck Public Library to encourage reading within the community. Now, Little Free Libraries are scattered throughout Bismarck.

“Some people go by and have to do a double-take. I think a lot of them think it’s a bird house at first. When they realize it’s a library though, it’s interesting to watch them go open it up and look around and maybe even take a book,” Bradley says.

The Bergstad’s had to go through an application process and be selected before they had their Little Free Library installed. Currently, twelve other homeowners have been selected to host a library on their property. “I think we are a great location for one since we live close to an elementary school now. I’m sure we will have a lot more kids stop by, so I plan to fill it with more books for them,” Renee says.

“We hope it encourages kids to read. They’re not going to get late charges from this library and they don’t have to wait for a parent to take them. They can just hop on their bike if they want a book,” Bradley says. “It’s that easy for them.”

Basin Electric is a sponsor of a Little Free Library in Bismarck. Find that one at the corner of Washington Street and Avenue C.

Little Free Library

The Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library stocks the Little Free Library when it’s low on books, but the Bergstad’s like to share their old favorites too.

Little Free Library

Several neighbor kids make a stop at the Little Free Library to check out the books available.

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