Stay Basin: Enjoy a culture of support, appreciation


A little more than 33 years ago, Dave Soma’s finger landed on the newspaper ad that changed his life.

“I had a business of my own, and I got a little tight for cash,” Soma says. “I thought I was just going to work for Basin Electric till I got back on my feet … but ended up liking what I was doing here.”

Build a successful career at Basin Electric

Soma is now a mechanical supervisor at Basin Electric’s Leland Olds Station. For his first 26 years at the cooperative, he worked as a machinist.

“I like to joke around that I’ve been here a little over a third of a century now,” he chuckles.

Let your voice be heard

By building a career at the cooperative, Soma has built a wealth of knowledge. The great thing about Basin Electric, he says, is everyone can share their ideas.

“I think what’s made Basin a really nice place to work is that people seem to value your opinion,” he says. “Here, the plant manager will visit just as much and listen just as hard to everyone. We all try to listen to each other.”

Enjoy strong camaraderie and support

Betterment – that’s the whole point of mechanical work, according to Soma. You’re called to improve the lives and productivity of those around you.

“We all have something important to do at Basin Electric,” he says. “You feel like you’ve accomplished something when you make some kind of improvement that makes someone’s life easier.”

Make a difference through the cooperative

Soma also feels fortunate to receive an exceptional benefits package at Basin Electric. But benefits aren’t everything, he says.

“Good pay and good benefits, which we are fortunate to have here, is not enough to make you happy,” he says. “You have to see that you’re making a difference and that you matter. I try to help people feel that way.”

That’s part of what the cooperative is – looking after the people you serve, and the people who serve with you.

In the end, employees who serve their membership are the life force of Basin Electric, and they work in an environment in which they feel appreciated for the many contributions they make.

“I think it’s a company that values their employees,” Soma says. “It gives them an opportunity to be what they want to be.

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