Stay Basin: The cooperative values your expertise

Michael Petera

Michael Petera has an impressive range of skills.

He’s designed everything from cockpit displays to cell phone software. But there was always one technological frontier that intrigued him the most.

“I’ve always been interested in power,” Petera says. “This industry is infectious. You end up loving it.”

Basin Electric: Your skills lead us to a better future
With a strong background in electronic design, power systems and control systems, the plant engineer at Laramie River Station, east of Wheatland, WY, feels his skills are uniquely shaped to benefit the electric industry.

“The power industry today, I think, is facing so many issues and problems, especially environmentally,” he says. “We’re gonna have the need to innovate and that’s kind of my background.”

Pulsed electron beams, fusion reactor studies and principle research – these are all terms that highlight Petera’s ongoing projects.

Innovation is real at Basin Electric, and Petera is in the business of looking at the bigger picture at Laramie River. The cooperative gives him everything he needs to complete special long-term projects, such as lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

“You can’t find a better place than Basin Electric to do groundbreaking work because they understand it’s their future,” he says. “I can’t say enough good things about how the cooperative is run and how pragmatic the board and our management are. They understand what’s getting us into the future.”

Simply put, Petera believes electric power gives people freedom: freedom to think, to innovate and to make a better world.

Basin Electric aims to hire great minds – minds Petera enjoys working with.

“That’s the best part. Everybody here is smart,” he says.

Employees like Petera take pride in serving Basin Electric’s member-owners. Everyone plays a part for the good of the cooperative.

“Our goal is to make the least expensive power possible for our members,” he says.

Basin Electric has great benefits
Basin Electric also treats its employees very well.

“They’ve got the best benefits package I’ve ever seen,” Petera says. “They give you three weeks of vacation right off the bat. You just can’t beat that.”

Just as important, the cooperative is a great place for employees to take pride in their hard work. Their efforts help benefit those at the end of the line.

“Obviously, you want to see your hard work be fruitful,” he says.

Petera is thrilled with his decision to start a career at Basin Electric. Like all employees here, he plays a vital part in the cooperative’s success, which is something to be proud of.

“You end up loving this industry because all of the problems you solve and successes you have are extremely rewarding,” he says.

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