Stay Basin: A cooperative that cares



Terry Storbeck has a unique specialty – and a simple way of describing it.

“I kind of like building power plants,” Storbeck says.

The maintenance superintendent started working at Basin Electric five years ago, and believed in the cooperative’s mission to build Dry Fork Station in Gillette, WY.

Storbeck left 23 years of working for Black Hills Power to help Basin Electric. He saw great things happening at the cooperative, and wanted to be part of its history.

“It looked like there was a really good team being built at Dry Fork,” he says.

Basin Electric provides great opportunities

Not only did Basin Electric want Storbeck to be part of the new Dry Fork team, but for him to help lead it. Today, he oversees more than 30 employees.

The employee team at Dry Fork is the result of a cooperative that provides great training, Storbeck says. He loves to see his employees grow in their professional lives.

“Basin doesn’t seem to mind training people, and I think that is a plus,” he says. “When we built this plant, they had training on just about everything in the plant.”

In addition to providing training opportunities for folks like Storbeck, Basin Electric held the training on site, so employees didn’t have to travel miles away and be away for days.

Training benefits employees and work continues at the plant. It’s the perfect setup, Storbeck says.

The cooperative values its employees

Providing multiple training and leadership opportunities is just one way Basin Electric aims to better its employees.

“I think Basin thinks of its employees as great assets, probably their most important assets,” Storbeck says.

The cooperative also makes sure its employees receive a competitive benefits package.

“I believe their benefit packages are really good,” he says, adding that a 6-percent 401(k) match, as well as sick and vacation leave, are far better than what he saw before arriving at Basin Electric.

People are what make Basin Electric great

While employee benefits and opportunities to grow are just a couple of ways Basin Electric cares for its people, the cooperative also believes in maintaining a cooperative family atmosphere. It’s something Storbeck noticed right away.

“I just think Basin has a lot of great employees,” he says. “They’re willing to help each other out and get stuff done for the member-owners.”

It’s a team of support Storbeck has enjoyed since day one, and he looks forward to seeing strong employee camaraderie continue to flourish in the years to come.

“I’ve never seen anybody turn anybody down when they ask for help,” he says. “They’re very supportive.”

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