A day in the life of Kermit Pearson

Peggy and Kermit Pearson

Peggy and Kermit Pearson have built their life on the farmstead Kermit’s parents settled into 67 years ago.

When Kermit Pearson was asked to join the Lake Region Electric Association board in 1981, it was something he didn’t expect.

He had no experience in the electric cooperative world, and had no family history there either.

He was 35 years old, and says even at that time most of the directors on electric cooperative boards were nearing retirement age.

He was filling the seat of Art Jones, a pioneer in electric cooperative history. Jones helped to organize Lake Region Electric, East River Electric Power Cooperative, and finally Basin Electric. He was the first president of Basin Electric’s board of directors.

Kermit Pearson's home

The Pearson Gelbvieh Cattle Company sits a dozen miles east of Britton, SD, in the northeastern corner of the state.

“There was some legacy there to follow,” Pearson says.

He felt young, but the more he got involved, the more Pearson realized serving rural electric cooperatives was what he was meant to do.

In addition to the Lake Region Electric board, Pearson has served on the East River Electric board since 1989, and has served on the Basin Electric board since 1997, representing District 1. Currently he serves as the Basin Electric board’s vice president.

Read more about Pearson’s life, family and committment to cooperatives in the July/August 2014 issue of Basin Today: A day in the life of … Kermit Pearson

Kermit Pearson's home

A cottonwood tree in the Pearson’s front yard. Kermit’s parents believed the tree had probably started growing there 25 years before they moved onto the farmstead.

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