Basin Electric crews work in extremes to keep electricity reliable

Transmission work

In North Dakota, this week offered its first hint of the cool weather on its way soon. For the Basin Electric employees who spend a good part of … [Read more...]

Grandpa and grandson learn about being a Basin Electric lineworker

Tysen Kraft and Roger Lawien

When you’re deciding on what you want to do for the rest of your life, going to take a look-see is a pretty good idea. That was what Tysen Kraft … [Read more...]

Student workers wrap up their summer employment at Basin Electric

Dustin Dutoit, assistant labor

It’s back-to-school time, which means we say good-bye to our student workers. Each summer, Basin Electric hires dependent children of employees to … [Read more...]

Stay Basin: A cooperative that cares

  Terry Storbeck has a unique specialty – and a simple way of describing it. “I kind of like building power plants,” Storbeck says. The … [Read more...]

#ALSIceBucketChallenge at Basin Electric Headquarters

Ice Bucket Challenge at Basin Electric.

Three Basin Electric staff members took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in place of Paul Sukut, Basin Electric CEO and general manager, who was … [Read more...]

North Dakota’s electric cooperative managers take Ice Bucket Challenge

Innovative Energy Alliance Ice Bucket Challenge

Bright (well, cloudy) and early this morning, Chris Baumgartner and Don Franklund took an icy bath. They took the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise … [Read more...]

Verendrye Electric hosts tour of Basin Electric facilities

Verendrye Electric tour

Each year, Verendrye Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Velva, ND, arranges a handful of energy tours for key accounts and other VIPs. They visit … [Read more...]

Kids learn about growing food at Basin Electric garden

Preschoolers from New Discovery Montessori Center visited Basin's Backyard Garden last week to learn about how vegetables grow. It was a lot of fun! … [Read more...]

Basin Electric shares smiles in honor of St. Baldrick’s angel

Ali Borgen

“Smile wide every day.” This was Ali Borgen’s motto throughout her four year battle with leukemia. It reflected her positive spirit and eagerness to … [Read more...]

Creating an ‘aha’ moment during co-op tours

West Central Electric tour

Joe Connot is going for the creation of “aha” moments. Connot is member services manager for West Central Electric, and has spent many years traveling … [Read more...]