Tri-State G&T promotes ‘The Work of Power’

Power works for you both inside and outside the home.

Power works for you both inside and outside the home.

It might not fly like Iron Man, but it works for a cause much more near and dear to Basin Electric’s heart.

Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association, a Basin Electric member headquartered in Westminister, CO, unveiled a character named “Power” in June as part of the cooperative’s new “Work of Power” outreach campaign.

Power, a fiber-glass suit brought to life by Tri-State G&T employees, embodies the important role electricity plays in everyday life within the home and workplace. It helps demonstrate to member-consumers how to best save money by helping them understand the opportunities available to manage their power usage.

“Power represents the work electricity does. For example, the washing machine doesn’t do the laundry: Power does,” says Amy Rosier, Tri-State G&T communications and marketing manager. “The campaign is designed to better connect people with the work electricity does in their lives. It provides our member co-ops with a tool to develop stronger connections with their members while communicating the value of electricity and how to manage it wisely.”

The Work of Power campaign will consist of print and television advertisements, and Power public appearances at member systems’ annual meetings.

“Power has been a great way to bring excitement and include our members in the campaign. We’re working closely with our members on how we utilize the campaign, so they can take a leading role and we can help deploy the campaign in their service territories and communities,” says Lee Boughey, Tri-State G&T senior manager of corporate communications and public affairs.

Learn more about Power at You can also follow Power on Facebook at “Power Works For You” and on Twitter, @PowerWorks4You.

Watch this Work of Power campaign TV advertisement featuring Power.

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