Stay Basin: A career that’s hard to beat


If you’ve got a general question while visiting Leland Olds Station, chances are Mary Robson has the answer.

In her nearly 18 years with the cooperative, the administrative assistant II has learned the ins and outs of Leland Olds, located four miles southeast of Stanton, ND. In addition to operating the front desk, some of her other specialties have involved office mail management, working with the plant’s safety programs, organizing paperwork in the coal and yard area, managing catering, as well as cooking meals herself.

Oh, and she’ll gladly serve as a back-up for almost anyone in the office, which is probably why she knows so many folks there.

“I wear a lot of different hats,” she says. “I could probably put a name to every face out here.”

Work with great people
With the front desk serving as the main hub at Leland Olds, Robson enjoys getting the chance to bond with almost everyone at the plant.

“I’d like to think that we’re one big family, and I would think that most of the people here would agree with me,” she says. “I can’t think of one person out here that I wouldn’t do anything for.”

A job at Basin Electric is worth chasing
Robson has found her fit at Basin Electric. It’s strange for her to think about how things could have turned out differently.

It was in 1997 when she was looking for full-time work. Basin Electric had offered her a part-time position at the time, but a cooperative employee insisted Basin Electric was where she wanted to be.

So, Robson took a leap of faith. She accepted a part-time office clerk position, which soon blossomed into a full-time dream job.

“It was the happiest day ever,” she says.

Be part of a supportive cooperative
Robson can’t imagine working anywhere else. And while she’s known as someone who seeks out ways to help her co-workers, they are willing to help her, too. Whether it’s needing an extra hand to carry in heavy boxes, or hanging posters, someone’s always got her back.

“I could ask almost anybody here to do almost anything for me,” she says.

Robson says there is lots of employment competition surrounding the cooperative and other industries these days, but insists a job at Basin Electric is a no-brainer.

A good company with good benefits, wages and people. That’s how Robson puts it. She’s thankful to have a secure job with a cooperative that cares for her.

“You can’t hardly beat Basin,” she says.


  1. Tessa Hogan says:

    “And while she’s known as someone who seeks out ways to help her co-workers, they are willing to help her, too.”
    That sounds just like her! So proud of my mom! She will do anything for anyone and not think twice about it. Such a wonderful person with a HUGE heart!

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