Stay Basin: Employees get the best resources, training


Have everything you need at Basin Electric

When it comes to accessing the necessary tools to do quality work, Tyler Lindholm feels spoiled.

Whether it’s inspecting circuit breakers, maintaining transformers or meeting energy agencies’ evolving standards, the lead substation electrician says he is thankful for the state-of-the-art tools and training at Basin Electric.

“We don’t use shoddy equipment,” he says. “Basin’s always ready and willing to invest their money in better tools, safer tools and a better way to do our job.”

Grow by stepping up to challenges

It was a little more than seven years ago when Lindholm started working with Transmission System Maintenance (TSM) in the Gillette, WY, area. During the five years prior, he worked in San Diego as an aviation electrician for the U.S. Navy.

The theory of electricity is the same wherever you go, Lindholm says, but Basin Electric opened a door to new challenges that have helped him grow professionally.

Extreme temperatures, emergency power situations, ever-changing technology. These are just a few challenges Lindholm and his co-workers have faced to make sure Basin Electric’s members have power.

He appreciates that each team member brings unique skillsets to the table.

“Every one of us is well-versed in what it takes to get the job done,” he says. “It’s definitely a rewarding job because you’ve got that specialty experience.”

Lindholm is impressed with the continued learning offered through many positions at Basin Electric. One such learning opportunity he experienced for his field is a cooperative apprenticeship program with Bismarck (ND) State College.

Enjoy positive culture, great benefits

The culture at Basin Electric is one that is based around safety, which Lindholm appreciates. A father of three with another on the way, he is also a fan of the family atmosphere at the cooperative.

Compared to the jobs he’s had in the past, Lindholm says the pay and benefits Basin Electric offers are very competitive.

“The pay and benefits that Basin offers are superior to anybody else in the area,” he says, adding that he is surrounded by large energy companies that don’t offer the benefits Basin Electric does.

Lindholm says a career at Basin Electric is a no-brainer. It’s a message he wants to share with anyone considering applying for a job at the cooperative.

“The amount of training and investment they put into each employee is well worth it,” he says. “Stay up to date on what training opportunities are out there.”

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