West River Electric celebrates 75 years

June 12, 1939. Smart people had the foresight to see it was necessary to light up the homes and ranches of the West River Electric Cooperative community. They came together to sign the incorporation papers and began the task of digging holes for poles and stringing wire.

West River Electric 75th anniversary

200 members stopped in to enjoy a hamburger.

75 years later, West River Electric invited members to come out and celebrate all those years of providing power to the membership. Longtime member Edgar Simon was on hand with many historic electric appliances and old light bulbs to share. Merl Flatt, former employee, shared many photos of the early days of bringing power to the members. Members and retired employees who were on service the day the lights came who came out to share stories.

West River Electric 75th anniversary

Members looking at antique electric appliances provided for display by Edgar Simon.

There were 200 members who came to the Wall office to enjoy hamburgers, birthday cake and lots of memories.

The cooperative will be having several commemorations throughout the year celebrating 75 years.

West River Electric 75th anniversary

CFL Charlie and LED Lucy.

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