Employees provide science kits to Bismarck Public Library


(left to right): Chris Goettle, Basin Electric senior electrical engineer; JP Maddock, Basin Electric electrical engineer I; Tanner Seibel, Montana-Dakota Utilities; and Jeremy Butman, Prairie Engineering, demonstrated the science kits provided by IEEE at the Bismarck Public Library. They make up the executive board of the Missouri Slope Section: (left to right): Chair, Treasurer, Vice Chair and Secretary.

Basin Electric employees, Chris Goettle, senior electrical engineer, and JP Maddock, electrical engineer I, helped give several science kits and other learning materials to the Bismarck Public Library through their local Missouri Slope Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The kits are available for children to checkout of the library. “While attending our IEEE Region 4 Meeting in Chicago, the science kits for public libraries concept was introduced to me. I was inspired by the opportunity to bring some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) materials to our community, and when I suggested it to our Missouri Slope Section, they agreed,” Goettle says. “We are excited to be able to provide some great electrical teaching tools to the library that our area may not have access to otherwise.”

Science Kit Demonstration

Goettle gives a presentation to the students at the Bismarck Public Library about the science kits available to check out.

Goettle, Maddock, and two other members of their local section had the opportunity June 4 to demonstrate several of the kits available, including the Van De Graff Generator, a “Snap Circuits” kit, and a Lego kit, for students at the library. “The kids seemed really engaged and asked a lot of questions. I hope we made them aware the kits are available for checkout at the library and this gets them more interested in learning about science and math. We are very thankful for the library’s help, the donation of our IEEE section’s efforts, and our IEEE members’ employer’s financial support,” Goettle says.

The financial contributors of the science kits and other materials include: Basin Electric, HDR Inc., Montana-Dakota Utilities, Prairie Engineering, and IEEE’s Missouri Slope Section.

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