Stay Basin: Feel rewarded, love what you do

Stay Basin

Experience great benefits and cooperative support

Rewards can be viewed differently, depending on the person.

Basin Electric’s competitive pay and unique benefits package are a huge draw for many. Karen Will also feels rewarded to be working in a supportive family culture.

“I enjoy the benefit of being able to work with people who have the same philosophy that you do,” says Will, multimedia specialist II. “I always have had that support from my co-workers. They’re always there for you.”

Will says it’s the kind of support found in a family. She has enjoyed spending time with a great cooperative family for nearly 30 years.

“You spend most of your time with your co-op family,” she says, adding she likes to get out and work in the field with Basin Electric’s members.

Find your niche in serving the membership

Will has a knack for getting quality video, using the skills she’s attained while working at the cooperative.

Will’s work wasn’t always captured through a camera lens. She was first drawn to Basin Electric through an internship program. At the time, she had no idea the opportunity would open the door to something bigger.

After a brief stint of cataloging photographs for the cooperative, she was offered the chance to work with video. It wasn’t what she had initially planned to do, but Will took a leap of faith and ran with it.

“I was on-the-job trained,” she says, describing the hands-on experience she was given to master her craft.

Today, Will thrives in her work. She’s especially talented at capturing the livelihood of Basin Electric’s members, which the world wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

Will is in the business of filming Basin Electric history, and she loves every minute of it. She loves making folks feel comfortable on camera. “When you do interviews, you have to kind of give them a comfort zone,” she says.

Gardening is a topic that tends to do the trick. It’s just one of the many hobbies Will enjoys discussing with the people she works with.

Enjoy your work, and the people you work with

While technology has changed during Will’s years at Basin Electric, she hasn’t missed a beat. She says changes inspire her to continually improve the quality of her work.

She thrives on the fact no day is the same. Whether it’s getting interview footage in the field, or tying a story together through video editing in the office, Will enjoys the variety of her work.

When she looks back on the time she’s spent at Basin Electric, Will can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Time flies, and Will is glad she has been able to spend it at a place where she’s happy.

“It’s just interesting, the work you do,” she says. “I gotta say, it was a fast 30 years.”

Karen Will poses with colleagues during Basin Electric's 1990 Annual Meeting.

Karen Will poses with former co-worker J.C. Balcom and current co-worker Steve Crane during Basin Electric’s 1990 Annual Meeting.

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