Stay Basin: Counsel credits Basin Electric for guidance, success

Stay Basin Deb Levchak

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From the minute Deb Levchak picks up her Gloria Jeans coffee in the morning, to the time she packs up her things at the end of each day, there is never a dull moment.

“I have not been bored one day in over 35 years,” says Levchak, senior staff counsel at Basin Electric.

Since joining the cooperative in 1976, she has appreciated the opportunity to learn from great minds and share her expertise with a top employer.

“I came in with a background that allowed me to be of service, to provide good advice and counsel,” she says. “I was given the opportunity to work with incredibly competent, talented people.”

Take part in learning at a cooperative people are proud to work for

For someone who never originally intended to study and practice law, Levchak has found her niche. She’s become a go-to person for many business areas, especially environmental work.

“You need to be able to be responsive when somebody needs an answer quickly,” she says.

Levchak credits Basin Electric for the learning that pushed her to where she is today. The cooperative believes in bettering all of its employees, who take pride in being part of a strong team.

“Basin Electric has always given us the resources, in terms of education, training, benefits and salary, that allow us to do a very good job,” she says. “We like who we’re working for.”

Learn from the best

When Levchak thinks about her journey of growing with Basin Electric, she often goes back to her first few weeks. Sporting a warm smile, she begins to paint a picture of her first supervisor’s office, where she watched, listened and learned the tricks of the trade from a small side table.

“I learned so much as that little mouse in the corner,” she chuckles.

Levchak cherishes the intellectual gold passed on to her by her first general counsel, William Wisdom, and those who followed. Thanks to great leadership, she met the right people, dove into key issues, and developed a keen understanding of permitting and environmental law.

Because of Basin Electric, Levchak has taken part in interactions that have helped shape her success.

“I’m very grateful,” she says. “I’ve not regretted the decision to accept a career at Basin Electric even one day.”

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