Basin Electric employees give to Carrie’s Kids

Just a portion of the sports equipment that was donated.

Just a portion of the sports equipment donated.

On May 9, some Basin Electric employees gave back to the community by donating to Carrie’s Kids through the Center for Technology & Business Women’s Leadership Program.

Ten pairs of women were given $200 in seed money. From there, the group was given 30 days to raise funds and decide on a way to give back to the community.

Sue Sorenson, Basin Electric manager of financial reporting and accounts receivable, was in a group that decided to give back to kids by donating sports equipment. “We all felt very strongly about getting kids active, regardless of their family’s financial state. I have seen firsthand how expensive getting kids active can be. Sometimes sports are all kids have. We wanted to give that opportunity to as many kids as we could.”

The team began collecting sports equipment and cash donations, which totaled about $1,070. All the donations were given to Carrie’s Kids. Carrie’s Kids is an organization that provides outreach, clubs, events and programs that build social and life skills to children and teens that are homeless or at risk in the Bismarck-Mandan, ND, area.

Sandy Bieber, Basin Electric senior business intelligence architect, and Jennifer Krogstad, Basin Electric benefits coordinator, were also involved with a team that gave to Carrie’s Kids. Their team gave a variety of donations such as monetary donations, gift cards, household items, computers, food, clothing, and musical instruments. All of these donations totaled up to more than $26,000.

The Womens Leadership Groups with Carrie from Carries Kids.

Left to right: Sandy Bieber, Basin Electric; Karly Berger, NISC; Jennifer Krogstad, Basin Electric; Elizabeth Vreswky, AWTY Logistics; Carrie Grosz, Carrie’s Kids; Molly Sullivan, KLJ; Deb Salwei, MDU Resources; Susan Sorensen, Basin Electric; and Jessica Gietzen, Blue Flint Ethanol.

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