Napoleon students tour Basin Electric Headquarters

Napoleon High School Tour

Napoleon High School students first learn about the cooperative in the boardroom before starting their tour of Headquarters.

More than 220,000 people have toured Basin Electric facilities since 1982.

Boilers, turbines, and generators are what most tour groups are interested in seeing.

A group of Napoleon (ND) High School students, however, were excited to tour Basin Electric Headquarters to learn more about career opportunities offered in an office environment.

Napoleon High School Tour

Napoleon High School teacher, Morgan Schwartzenberger (second from right), and his students listen in on their tour of the building.

Morgan Schwartzenberger, a teacher at Napoleon High School, organized the tour to Headquarters because he believes there is more for his students to learn than just inside the walls of the classroom.

“I wanted my Intro to Business and Accounting students to experience what the business world is like by seeing day-to-day operations and listening to professionals, rather than just reading about it in their textbooks,” he says.

“My hope is that the tour today will offer the students an idea of what they might like to do in the future.”

Napoleon High School Tour

Students get a tour of the Marketing & Trading floor from Jason Doerr, manager of trading and analytics.

The freshman and junior students learned about careers offered throughout the cooperative during a presentation in the boardroom. Then they toured Security and Response Services, Accounting, Human Resources and Communications departments, as well as the Marketing & Trading floor.

“We appreciate Basin’s employees taking time out of their day to be with our students because it really opened their minds to what the business world can offer them. I think this will help steer them down the right path,” Schwartzenberger says.


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