Owlets discovered at Leland Olds Station

Leland Olds Station

Bryce Harring captured the owls through a door on April 3.

Bryce Harring, Leland Olds Station mechanical engineer III, was just doing a quick walk-through of the abandoned Unit 1 stack when he noticed some tracks in the snow April 2.

“They were too big to be a pigeon. I kept walking, and heard a noise. I looked in the door, and that’s when I saw them,” he says. At first, he thought the white, fuzzy birds were falcons.

But now realizes they are Great Horned Owlets.

He went up the next day to see if they were still there, and took a picture. He says there were some small birds and field mice “stacked up like cordwood,” waiting for the owlets to eat. In the photos, you can see they’ve been eating pheasant, too.

Harring says the birds don’t have much of a nest, just a shallow depression scratched out in the plywood. The area they are in is a walkway around the outside of the stack about 250 feet up. The walkway floor is grating, covered by plywood and the walls are enclosed by sheet metal.

He went up to check on them again May 9. He says they are now getting pretty defensive, and make popping sounds at him to frighten him away.

Leland Olds Station

Bryce Harring sent this to show the elevation the owls are at on the Unit 1 stack.

Leland Olds Station

The owlets on April 25.

Leland Olds Station

The owlets are getting defensive on May 9.

Leland Olds Station

Owlets on May 9.

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