Employee group visits coal mine, Antelope Valley Station

Marketing and Asset Management tour

(left to right): Daniel Schaaf Gallagher, real-time trader I; Tucker Smith, commodity quantity analyst; Ryan Davis, short-term trader II; Chris Vizenor, associate business analyst; Aaron Wangler, congestion management engineer II; and Neal Zastoupil, energy systems administrator II, at Freedom Mine.

Some employees of the Marketing & Asset Management group toured Antelope Valley Station and The Coteau Properties Company’s Freedom Mine April 30.

Chris Vizenor, associate business analyst, says his co-worker Tucker Smith, commodity quantity analyst, thought it might be a good idea for the group. Since Vizenor works with the plant on their GADS (Generating Availability Data System) data, he took the opportunity.

“This was my first time visiting both a coal mine and a power plant,” Vizenor says. “The coal mine was not what I expected. I think I went into the tour with the perception of what we see in the news, going underground with the coal carts and everything.” Watch the video.

He says Antelope Valley Station met his expectations, except for one thing. “I thought I would come out a bit dirtier than I did. … I thought there would be coal dust blowing all over the place.” Watch the video.

Vizenor says the tour was helpful. “Seeing the different areas and part of the plant provides me with a little more insight into the things that cause various derates and outages,” he says.


  1. Daryl Hill says:

    You toured the prettiest power plant in North Dakota. Rick Mitzel knows that plant inside and out.

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