Family atmosphere on Basin Electric’s 2nd floor

They say lots of people spend more time with their co-workers than they do their own families.

While that may be the case for the group of employees on Basin Electric’s 2nd floor, the Marketing & Asset Management department, they don’t mind calling their co-workers family as well.

Formed just two years ago, the group is made of employees from across the country hired to fill completely new roles in the cooperative. Learn more about the department’s function at Basin Electric: Marketing & Trading preparing to manage Basin Electric’s commodity risks

Lyn Raymo was the first employee hired by Ken Rutter, vice president of Marketing & Asset Management, to work in the department. She is, however, a long-time Basin Electric employee, having previously worked in Communications, Fuel Supply & Land Management, Engineering, and Information Services and Telecommunications.

On May 2, the group celebrated Raymo’s 25th anniversary with Basin Electric. These co-workers are often seen eating together in the Headquarters cafeteria. This day, they had a potluck party. Watch the video.


  1. Well deserved recognition for you, Lyn. You are so kind to everyone!

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