Laramie River Station employees do Dancing with the Stars

You already know about the television show Dancing with the Stars… but did you know Wheatland, WY, has their own version?

It’s called Dancing with the Stars: Platte County Style, and two employees at Laramie River Station competed this year.

Paul Gallegos, Laramie River plant operator, and his partner Val Bowen, won Best in Show for their waltz to “Open Arms,” by Journey. Wayne Koerwitz, Laramie River lab supervisor, and his partner Kathy Gorton, danced the cha cha. See photos of each below.

Dancing with the Stars: Platte County Style

Laramie River Station Plant Operator Paul Gallegos with his dancing partner Val Bowen.

Linda Fabian, wife of Basin Electric retiree Joe Fabian, coordinates the competition along with Shelby Thompson and Jim Lockwood, and many more. She says 12 people from Wheatland danced in the show. “Each one was paired with someone they only knew on a casual small town basis. The six couples drew their dances from a hat,” she says.

All told, the volunteers gave more than 1,300 hours to the effort, and lost 160 pounds in the meantime. The event is a fundraiser for the Wheatland Kiwanis Club’s scholarship program. This year the club distributed more than $12,000 in scholarships as a result of the success of Dancing with the Stars: Platte County Style.

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