Brave the Shave 2014: Team Dash and Highland Acres Elementary

After the flurry of Basin Electric’s Brave the Shave events settles, there are a few more stories to tell.

A couple that were happening at our main event make us smile still.

First off, we were happy to have Team Dash at the Missouri Vally Family YMCA March 14. Dash Ohlsen got to do a big job at the flagship event. He shaved his dad, Taner’s, head. Dash is the namesake for Team Dash, a group on Facebook that numbers in the thousands. Dash was given a cancer diagnosis in late February. Watch the video for more.

St. Baldrick's 2014

Dash Ohlsen shaving his dad, Taner.

St. Baldrick's 2014

The Highland Acres Elementary kids.

And then there was the cheering section for Highland Acres Elementary. We did a story on them last year, too, because they’re so much fun. Their gym teacher, Kurt Weinberg, says St. Baldrick’s has gotten to be such a big deal at the school that next year they will have an event of their very own. Watch the video.

Read more about this year’s event, learn more about other shavees and honorees in the March-April 2014 Basin Today: A break in the rain

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