Bismarck High School braves the shave

Bismarck High School Team

The Bismarck High Bald Eagles show off their freshly shaven heads at Basin Electric’s Brave the Shave event March 14.

It all started when Bismarck High School English teacher, Annie McKenzie, was inspired to shave her head for Basin Electric’s Brave the Shave event, March 14. Her inspiration motivated other teachers and students until they had enough people to form their own team, the Bismarck High Bald Eagles. The team was made up of McKenzie and her three-year-old son; a German teacher; an art teacher; and eight students. Each had their own story and reason for wanting to shave their head and raise money for childhood cancer research. Watch the video.

Annie McKenzie first heard about the fundraiser through her husband, Brennon McKenzie, Basin Electric electrical engineer II at Transmission System Maintenance in Mandan, ND. “I had grown my hair out for so long and as this time was approaching I just got this feeling that this is something I should do,” McKenzie says.

McKenzie looked to her journalism students for support. She received more than just encouragement from many of her students. “I knew that in order for me to go ahead and do it I needed to talk about it. The next day I had three kids ask if they could do it too. Then the next day I had a few more and the next day another couple more,” McKenzie says.

Madi Wray, Bismarck High sophomore, was one student who stepped up to go bald with McKenzie. When she explained to her brother, Morgan Wray, that she would be shaving her head he was inspired as well. “We wanted to be a part of it because we know it’s for a good cause. About a year ago our mother was diagnosed with cancer,” Morgan says. “Kids that have cancer don’t have hair, but ours will grow back, so why not,” Madi says.

The Bismarck High Bald Eagles blew away their goal of raising $3,000. They ended up rasining close to $4,500 dollars.

Teddi Frank, reporter for Bismarck High’s school paper, wrote a story on the team. Read it here: Bald and beautiful

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