Basin Electric will have a garden on the front lawn!

Garden Volunteers

More than twenty Basin Electric employees have volunteered to support the community garden. They stand near where the 40 foot by 40 foot garden plot will be on the front lawn.

Today, April 22, marks Earth Day. This global environmental event is celebrated by many people planting trees, picking up trash and recycling. (Watch the News Briefs section later this week to find out how some Basin Electric employees are cleaning up.)

So, how is Basin Electric celebrating Earth Day? By announcing we will be planting a 40 foot by 40 foot garden on our front lawn!

More than twenty employees have volunteered to help make the garden possible. It will build community, provide a source for charitable giving to local food pantries and aid in teaching employees about cooperatives. Follow Basin’s Garden blog for more information on the garden and to watch it grow!

Basin Electric is committed to protecting the quality and diversity of our environment – and the garden is one simple way we are giving back. Learn more about how Basin Electric protects the environment.

Happy Earth Day from Basin Electric.


  1. Julie Slag says:

    You’re going to need a TALL fine mesh fence to keep the jack-a-lopes out! BIG bunnies.

  2. Tracie B. says:

    Word. We will walk a fine line between acknowleding the jackrabbits were there before our garden… and keeping them from eating everything we plant. 🙂 We will have a fence with a gate, and then throw them a carrot or two when they come begging.

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