Stay Basin: Gain experience, discover possibilities within the co-op family


Do the work you enjoy at Basin Electric

In the life of a senior legislative representative, there is no such thing as an average day. Dale Niezwaag can attest to that.

Having worked with Basin Electric for 26 years, Niezwaag’s responsibilities have taken him all over the map. His responsibilities regularly take him across his stomping grounds of Iowa, North Dakota and beyond.

“It could be on the road to Iowa, on a plane to D.C., and it could be going down to the capitol for a meeting with the North Dakota Public Service Commission,” he says. “Every day is different.”

The variety suits Niezwaag, and he takes pride in bettering the cooperative through government relations.

Access experience and advancement through the cooperative

The cooperative road that brought Niezwaag to where he is today was paved with experience and advancement opportunities. He’s loved being able to grow professionally.

“I started out as a grunt on a line crew at a distribution co-op in 1978,” he says.

From there, Niezwaag continued to move up, advancing from an apprentice lineman to a journeyman-lineman, and stepping into the member service world shortly after. He brought his member service prowess to Basin Electric in 1988, and eventually moved into strategic planning and merger consolidation.

In 2001, opportunity knocked when there was an opening for a legislative representative position.

“The person who was heading the department at the time asked me to apply,” Niezwaag says.

He has since proudly carried out the government relations assignment, honing his ability to prioritize issues and adapt to tight time frames.

“You’re always trying to find solutions,” he says. “That’s really the fun part of the job.”

Be part of the co-op family. Watch the video

Folks here aren’t just considered co-workers. Simply put, they’re highly valued cooperative family members.

“When you say co-op family, it means co-op family,” he says.

Enjoy a great benefits package

Similar to a strong family, Basin Electric’s exceptional benefits package has always been there for employees like Niezwaag. He enjoys a plan that’s hard to beat.

“It’s made for a very comfortable situation,” he says. “You’ve never really had to worry about your retirement funding, you’ve never really had to worry about your health care. It was there.”

Niezwaag also likes that Basin Electric is very accommodating to employees with responsibilities to family outside the workplace.

Play your part in serving the membership

Niezwaag has no regrets in his decision to build a career at Basin Electric, adding it’s been his honor to always consider the well-being of the member at the end of the line.

“For a person who’s worked at other places, who’s left Basin and came back, I say, when you’re working for co-ops like Basin Electric, you’re working for the greater good,” he says. “Quality and affordable electricity. It’s a product that makes peoples’ lives better.”

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