Journey to joining SPP, Part 1

Some business decisions are easy. Others can challenge the very principles upon which the business was created. The decision for Basin Electric to pursue joining a regional transmission organization (RTO) falls under the latter.

Decisions like this require time, due diligence and careful consideration. Basin Electric, its members and its Integrated System (IS) partners certainly didn’t rush it. They’ve spent more than a decade debating the issue and more concentrated efforts the last two years thoroughly vetting their options.

Raatz quoteUltimately, the IS partners, Basin Electric, Western Area Power Administration and Heartland Consumers
Power District
, resolved that pursuing membership in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the RTO to the south of Basin Electric’s service territory, is most beneficial for all parties involved.

Learn more about what the cooperative and its IS partners have gone through to choose SPP and the steps they’re current taking from Basin Electric Vice President of Cooperative Planning Dave Raatz and Senior Vice President of Transmission Mike Risan in the story Journey to joining SPP, Part 1: The process, the decision and the next steps in the March-April issue of Basin Today.

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