BisMan Community Food Co-op sees growth at Basin Electric Health Fair

The BisMan Community Food Co-op brought in 36 new members during the Apr. 2 Health Fair at Basin Electric! There were 29 online memberships and seven paper applications. That means yesterday, they tipped over the 400-member mark!

Basin Electric is willing to pay $50 of the $200 membership for the first 100 employees who purchase a membership investment to the BisMan Community Food Co-op. (Basin Electric employees: be sure to use the Option 3, special for you. Find more information on Inside Basin.)

Once you become a member, you’re a member for life. Jared Barnhart, Basin Electric multimedia specialist II, serves on the board.

Heidi Demars is outreach coordinator for the BisMan Community Food Co-op. She says she is so appreciative of the partnership with Basin Electric and for the outpouring of support. “This is THEIR CO-OP and we are happy to be laying the groundwork to make this a reality in the community,” she says.

And in the true co-op fashion of networking, she adds, “Thanks for becoming members….now go tell your friends about us!”


  1. Casey Jacobson says:

    37! I just joined! 🙂

  2. Michelle Wiedrich says:

    Me, too!

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