Former Basin Electric CEO Ron Harper visits Brave the Shave event

Ron Harper

Ron Harper (right), former Basin Electric CEO and general manager, from 2000 to 2011, visits with Tom Radenz, security and response service coordinator, at Basin Electric’s 2014 Brave the Shave event.

Ron Harper, former Basin Electric CEO and general manager, from 2000 to 2011, paid an unexpected visit to Basin Electric’s Brave the Shave event March 14.

He originally stopped by Headquarters, but quickly made his way to the Missouri Valley Family YMCA when he learned the event was going on. “My wife and I are up here to visit our son and daughter-in-law. I needed to go by the office to check out some insurance stuff and when I got there I was told that Mr. Sukut (Paul Sukut, Basin Electric interim CEO and general manager) was down here at St. Baldrick’s. Having been a part of this since its inception, I knew that I needed to get over there,” Harper says. Watch the video.

Harper reflects on the growth of the event. “When I walked in and saw all the people I thought it was unbelievable how this event has grown. It’s just tremendous,” Harper says.

Harper understands the importance of supporting the St. Balricks organization because his son battled cancer at the age of sixteen. “Knowing that the money is going to help kids research is why I think this organization is so important. Our son is alive and well today, so we know firsthand the value of a donation and how it can help these kids. They all deserve that kind of opportunity.”

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