St. Baldrick’s Mercer County event 2014

Mercer County Brave the Shave

Jody Gappert, Dakota Gas office services coordinator; Steve Pouliot, Dakota Gas maintenance manager; and Peggy O’Neil, Dakota Gas environmental analyst.

Mercer County Brave the Shave

Chad Hermanson, Dakota Gas field technician.

The shavers were humming at the Great Plains Synfuels Plant March 13 as hair was sheared off brave employees’ heads to raise money to fight childhood cancer.

Dakota Gasification Company hosted the Mercer County Brave the Shave event at the Synfuels Plant.

A variety of activities were held at Dakota Gas, Antelope Valley Station and Leland Olds Station to raise money.

Four teams participated, with a total of 19 shavees for the Mercer County event.

More than $25,000 was raised at the event.

Mercer County Brave the Shave

Mike Heidel, Dakota Gas field technician, in the barber’s chair while his fellow shop employees support him.

Participants included:
The Good, Bald and Ugly: Mike Heidel, Dave Pfliger, Cody Thiel, Dustin Fritel, Myron Jorgenson, Steve Senske, Mike Schmit, Travis Watson, Mike Forrest, Jim Greer and Chad Hermanson
Takedown Cancer: Shawn Voigt
AVS Chrome Domes: Chad Edwards, Curt Michaelson, Aaron Vigesaa, Brad Skraba and Brandin Lightsey
LOS Gone in 60 Seconds: Jeremy House and Dave Soma

Mercer County Brave the Shave

Robb Moore (right), Dakota Gas senior mechanical engineer, draws eyebrows back on Mike Forrest, Dakota Gas area planner. Forrest challenged co-workers if they could come up with $1,000 in one day, he’d shave. By 9 a.m. that day, they had raised the goal. So he said if he could get $2,000, he’d shave the mustache. They had that and more, so the eyebrows went too.

Donations will be accepted through March 31 on the St. Baldrick’s website:

Mercer County Brave the Shave

Dave Pfliger, Dakota Gas field technician. Because he’s shaved seven years, he was knighted to the Knights of the Bald Table!

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