Basin Electric employee sends cupcakes for six years

Judy Willman cupcakes

The cupcakes from Judy Willman, 2014.

Judy Willman

Judy Willman, retired Basin Electric General Counsel senior administratrive assistant.

Six years after she’s retired, Judy Willman continues sending her co-workers cupcakes on her birthday. Willman was senior administratrive assistant to Claire Olson, Basin Electric senior vice president and general counsel.

Michelle Wiedrich is senior administrative assistant today. “For years in Legal, the secretaries took turns bringing treats for everyone’s birthdays,” she says.

“This got old after a while, so we made a rule that if you wanted to celebrate your birthday, you brought your own treats. Judy always brought treats for her birthday, and continues to send treats even after she retired on March 6, 2008, on her birthday.”

Judy Willman cupcakes

Judy Willman’s cupcakes in 2013.

The cupcakes are lovely, but the instructions she sends prior to the delivery each year take the cake:

My dear friend Jen will be dropping off approx. 18-20 cupcakes at the front desk on Thursday.
Michelle: I need your assistance (again…Thank you!). Please pick up the cupcakes when the front desk calls you.
• Front desk staff each get a cupcake!
• Michelle – distribute cupcakes as you see fit with your extended staff, etc….if there is an extra, take it home for Tim!


  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful treat.

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