Unique hairstyles a tradition for NISC St. Baldrick’s team

NISC St. Baldrick's

Braxton and Brent Wetzel, before the shave in 2013.

Employees of National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) in Mandan, ND, have participated in Basin Electric’s St. Baldrick’s efforts since 2009. St. Baldrick’s has become a very important cause for these employees. Some of them have participated with Basin Electric and St. Baldrick’s since 2009 and 2010.

NISC will continue its strong support of Basin Electric and St. Baldrick’s again in 2014 as seven employees are ready to Brave the Shave or donate hair.

NISC St. Baldrick's

Matthew Krogen in 2011.

In addition to braving the shave each year, NISC employee Brent Wetzel has played a key role the past several years in co-coordinating the silent auction that has taken place at the main shave event as well as an online silent auction the past two years. Prior to co-coordinating the auctions for the main shave event, Wetzel also coordinated silent auctions and bake sales that were hosted at the NISC campus in Mandan. “It has been fun working with the local businesses to arrange items for the silent auction, which has become a great way to raise more money for the cause. It is also awesome to work with so many caring people for this event,” Wetzel says.

To make the shave more exciting, Wetzel and fellow NISC shavee Mathew Krogen have taken to creating very unique and colorful hairstyles prior to the shave each year. “St. Baldrick’s is all about the kids,” Wetzel says. “The least I can do is color my hair and walk around looking like a clown for what these kids have to go through.”

Wetzel and his son, Braxton, have already prepared for this year’s shave with another rainbow dye look. Krogen will miss out on this year’s Brave the Shave event due to an out of town work commitment.

Support the NISC St. Baldrick’s team: Evan’s Bald Buddies

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