Why Basin? A cooperative intern can get a foot in the door


Josh Ritter is quick to admit flying is in his blood.

“I kind of grew up with flying. I always wanted to be involved with it somehow,” says Ritter, among the cooperative’s newest pilots. “My dad did more of what we do here at Basin.”

In September 2013 Ritter was able to spread his wings as a full-time pilot, but he’s worked at Basin Electric in a part-time capacity since 2004, thanks to an internship. After graduating from University of North Dakota, he arrived at the cooperative.

“Once I got a taste here during that internship, I knew it was what I wanted to do,” Ritter says. “Interning at Basin is a good step to build that time and get pointed in the right direction.”

Be part of a supportive cooperative culture

Before accepting his current position, Ritter also worked full time at SkyWest Airlines. After making the transition into Basin Electric, he feels very much at home.

“Here it’s nice. You get to know people,” he says, adding that tight flight schedules airlines usually see often kept him from being able to greet his passengers. Today, he enjoys getting to communicate with those he transports, and appreciates the supportive culture employees share at Basin Electric.

“The people who work here are what make Basin the place it is,” he says.

Basin Electric takes care of its employees

Another thing Ritter enjoys at Basin Electric is a competitive benefits package.

“I think the benefits are great, compared to where I came from,” he says.

The pilot is also glad he applied for his job because he feels he is treated with care and respect by those around him.

“It’s a company that takes care of its employees,” he says.

Family is everything

Before he was fully on board at Basin Electric, Ritter’s work often kept him away from home up to six days in a row. It was hard being away from his two young sons, as well as missing out on major holidays with his family.

A work schedule at Basin Electric leaves plenty of room for much-needed time with loved ones.

“It used to be I couldn’t even get to my kids’ hockey games and practices,” Ritter says. “I’m coaching now.”

The skies ahead are clear for Ritter. He enjoys a great job, quality family time and a strong cooperative culture.

That’s Basin Electric.

“It was a no-brainer for me,” he says.

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