Why Basin? You are surrounded by a cooperative family


There’s a lot to enjoy while working at Basin Electric

Chances are you’ll never meet anyone quite as gracious and content as Terrie Rath.

As Basin Electric’s newest housekeeper claims a corner office chair after a full day on her feet, it takes her about a second to think of a list of pros that go with working at the cooperative.

“I just like everything,” she says with a smile.

It’s a simple answer, and Rath goes on to explain she has a lot to be thankful for.

“I always say, ‘God’s always had his hand on my shoulder,’” she says.

Be part of the cooperative family. Watch the video

When Rath started working at Basin Electric’s Headquarters in January, she quickly realized what it truly means to be part of the cooperative family. It’s a culture where peoples’ first priority is to look out for one another.

Family – it’s a subject that hits close to home for Rath.

It was years ago when the housekeeper was on her own as a young teenager in Columbia, hearing about a nice Minnesota family that wanted to take her in.

“I was very fortunate there because families don’t usually want to adopt older kids; they want babies,” she says.

Years later, a friend – one of Rath’s fellow housekeepers – told her about the position when it first opened up. Today, she not only keeps the cooperative in ship shape, but she brightens hallways and offices with her cheerful spirit.

“Everybody just seems to care,” she says. “You see different people all day long, and they’re all so friendly to you. They acknowledge you. They ask about you and how you’re doing.”

Find your niche at Basin Electric

Along with the people, Rath enjoys her work. A lot of her responsibilities involve organization and planning, which she thrives at.

She believes in sticking to a schedule, as well as keeping the right attitude.

“A positive attitude – it goes a long ways,” she says.

The cooperative offers great benefits

The benefits Basin Electric offers are also something Rath appreciates. She has a competitive benefits package, including a retirement plan, which she’s never had before.

“They offer all that, so that’s very nice,” she says.

Camaraderie lives here

All in all, Rath is happy to be part of a group that thrives on a culture of camaraderie like no other.

“We all help each other,” she says. “I’m just glad that I made this move.”

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