Why Basin? It’s never too late to learn more about the cooperative


New employees quickly catch on to the cooperative’s purpose

For Katie Klindworth, working in the cooperative business model a whole new kind of game, but the administrative assistant in Dakota Gas’ engineering department is quickly catching on to how a cooperative and its subsidiaries, like Dakota Gas, thrive.

“It’s completely different from where I came from,” she says.

But, Klindworth is living proof that catching on to the hustle and bustle of a cooperative is all about the experiences.

With previous administrative experience with a police department and court system under her belt, Klindworth’s new responsibilities within the cooperative are healthy challenges that are helping to advance her professional growth.

Klindworth also considers her bachelor degree in child development and family science from North Dakota State University to be a stepping stone in advancing her to an organization that strives to be the employer of choice in the region.

Shaping itineraries and working up project packages are just a couple pieces of the picture she paints through her work. Many specialties come with her job, and it’s up to her to bring everything together through exceptional organizational skills and professional merit.

“It’s kind of like putting together a puzzle. I really enjoy that,” she says.

Employees have continued learning opportunities

Klindworth also appreciates the many continued learning opportunities she has access to at Dakota Gas, through parent cooperative Basin Electric.

“They have a lot of continuing education programs,” she says, adding she signed up for computer-based training courses she’ll be able to tackle at her leisure. “That’s really helpful. Some of the computer software that I don’t work with on a regular basis, I can learn more about. I try to attend as many classes as I can.”

Co-workers are here to help

Less formal avenues of learning also exist at Basin Electric. If a newer employee like Klindworth has a question, the answer can often be found just feet away from his or her desk.

“It’s easy to ask questions. The supervisors are readily available because my desk is located right by them all,” she says.

Klindworth has also found camaraderie with a neighboring administrative assistant, as well as a host of other individuals who were once in her shoes.

It’s simple: No one is left behind in the Basin Electric family.

Basin Electric offers great benefits

With a caring cooperative culture in place, employees’ priorities to loved ones are also considered by the cooperative. Basin Electric offers a great benefits package, which Klindworth appreciates.

“My family switched the benefits to under my name,” she says. “Now I can utilize dental, which I never had before.”

Basin Electric provides opportunities to those who seek success

Klindworth is living proof that incredible learning takes place here. So for those like her who are up for facing their own puzzles in the spirit of contributing to the cooperative dream, Basin Electric is the place to be.

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