Basin Electric dispatchers serve co-ops around the clock


Security & Response Services dispatchers take outage calls for electric cooperatives.

It’s 3 a.m. It’s 30 below. The power goes out. The house is getting cold. It’s time to call in the outage. Your electric cooperative is closed, but you pick up the phone and call anyway and press “1” to report an outage. Then you hear a voice: “[Insert your Electric Cooperative name here]. This is Mike. How may I help you?”

It’s the sound of assurance that no matter what time of the day or night, your electric cooperative is there to serve you. This is possible thanks, in part, to Security and Response Services (SRS), a 24-hour dispatching service provided by Basin Electric. SRS allows members 24-hour access to their electric cooperative, while taking pressure off cooperative employees.

Tom Radenz is the Security and Response Services supervisor for Basin Electric. He spoke at the North Dakota Member Services Association winter meeting for electric cooperative employees in early January.

Watch the video to hear Radenz talk about SRS’ approach to customer service and outage response.


  1. Julie Slag says:

    Yahoo, dispatchers!

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