Why Basin? Cooperative is a great place to call home


Basin Electric: A new adventure

There are moments in life when some people realize a new adventure is just what the doctor ordered.

Kim Badenhop came to that conclusion in 2013 when she packed her bags and left the East Coast. She had made up her mind – Bismarck, ND, was the place to be. Watch the video.

“I chose to leave Washington, D.C., because I wanted a change of pace,” she says from behind her J&L Building desk, across the street from Basin Electric Headquarters in Bismarck.

Badenhop first visited the community in 2010, and she has two longtime friends who call it home. She received a warm welcome into Bismarck, as well as into Basin Electric.

When Badenhop started working at the cooperative on Nov. 4, she brought 15 years of project management experience with her. It’s her professional background that landed her the Cooperative Planning and project coordinator gig in the first place.

Employees work closely together

Badenhop knows people, but more importantly, she knows how to bring them together.

“I do a lot of networking,” she says. “I will get to work with people in a number of different departments, and that I really enjoy.”

The majority of an average day in Badenhop’s world is spent engaging with others in meetings. She’s quick to admit she didn’t know much about the energy industry a few months ago, but she’s quickly armed herself with the knowledge needed to find success at the cooperative.

“It’s been a lot of fun for me to have to learn what the different parts of Basin Electric are,” she says. “I’m really impressed. It’s very involved.”

Badenhop can’t help but feel like she has lots more to learn during her time at the cooperative, but she’s in the same boat as many other employees. Learning is always happening at Basin Electric, and no one is left in the dark.

Basin Electric has a positive reputation

The cooperative’s culture of helping people and strengthening the communities it serves has helped it develop a positive reputation, Badenhop adds.

“I’ve had a number of people tell me that this is a very good place to work,” she says. “It’s a very well-respected employer.”

Badenhop is also very happy with the benefits package at Basin Electric, which is competitive.

“I had come from working primarily for the government, so I had always come from an environment with a pretty full benefits package,” she says. “I think Basin’s benefits package is comparable, if not better, primarily because there are two different retirement plans that you can pay into.”

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