Basin Electric employees prepared for winter safety

Trent Schwahn

Trent Schwahn, Basin Electric electrical engineer II.

Over the past few months Trent Schwahn, Basin Electric electrical engineer II, has made many trips from Headquarters to Lonesome Creek Station, located west of Watford City, ND, to support construction activities and operations. Schwahn didn’t expect he would need to use the winter survival kit in his fleet vehicle on one of those trips, but on Nov. 21, he was glad it was there.

“I stopped to fill up on gas and grab a bite to eat when I noticed a lady had slipped and fell. She appeared to be in shock because of the cold, so I grabbed the winter survival kit from the fleet vehicle,” Schwahn says. He was able to help the woman by providing her with some items from the kit including wool blankets and hand warmers. “Some other people had stopped to help and the ambulance was on its way, but at that moment those items from the kit really helped make a difference.” Schwahn says.

Blake Stoner, Basin Electric construction safety coordinator, says it is important to always have a winter survival kit readily available. “In today’s world, everyone has a cell phone and you never think you’ll need a survival kit, but the truth is you never know what situation you may encounter,” Stoner says. “I think it’s great that our employees take the initiative to stop and help somebody out.”

Stoner explains that the winter survival kits are stored in each Basin Electric fleet vehicle before the winter season. “Our survival kit is better than average because we want to ensure that it is equipped to handle our North Dakota winters,” Stoner says.

“It is comforting to know that these kits are available – just in case,” Schwahn says.

Basin Electric Winter Survival Kits include:
Two wool blankets
Two pairs of insulated gloves
Flashlight (with extra batteries)
Two hand warmers
25 foot extension cord
Emergency food ration meal
First aid kit
Two bags of water
Waterproof matches
Jumper cables
Toilet paper


  1. Casey Jacobson says:

    Good job Trent!

  2. Ellen Holt says:

    Thanks, Trent, for taking the time to help out this individual. I continue to be amazed and proud of our Basin Electric employees. We are so giving and generous with our time, assistance and our talents. Kudos to you!

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