Why Basin? Skilled professionals find new beginnings

Jerod Spray

The New Year has begun, and Jerod Spray has reason to be excited.

Not only are the electrical engineer and his wife expecting a baby boy in February, but Spray received news of his first little one just a week before receiving a job offer at Dakota Gas near Beulah, ND.

Since starting at the Basin Electric subsidiary on July 15, Spray says life is good.

“I’m enjoying my work,” he says, adding that he is excited to start a life in North Dakota with his family.

Originally from Bagley, MN, the University of North Dakota graduate has made his new home in Hazen, ND. Spray’s doing the kind of work he’s always enjoyed, and he was excited to apply his electrical and instrumentation skills immediately after graduating.

He first heard about an opening at Dakota Gas through a career fair. “One of my former high school classmates is working out here, and he was at the job fair recruiting,” Spray says.

A supervisor held on to his resume and he was offered the job soon after the fair.

When he’s at the office, Spray spends much of his time prepping designs for sensing and controlling electrical systems. Entering the field to see the fruits of his labor is a great feeling.

“It’s nice to see the end result and take pride in what you worked on,” he says. “It’s up to me to make sure an electrical project is being designed in the proper way.”

Not only has Spray’s job at Dakota Gas allowed him to enjoy the work he’s dreamed of doing, it’s encouraged him to grow his skills every day among a group of other fresh faces. “There’s plenty of work to go around here,” he says. “I don’t mind that. That’s the way I like it.”

Along with providing expertise with electrical projects, Spray enjoys the benefits package he earns through Basin Electric. “It’s something I’ve never had before and it seems awesome,” he says, adding the paid vacation is a great perk. “To me, that’s the coolest thing.”

He also enjoys the people he works with, who are always willing to guide him.

“I think the people who work here are good people. Everyone I’ve met so far has been really helpful,” he says. “I have no complaints for the way I’m treated out here.”

With a great job, warm home, supportive workforce and growing family, Spray has been able to smile in recent months. It’s a time of new beginnings, and the best is yet to come.

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