City of Gillette highlights Dry Fork Station on Facebook

City of Gillette image

On the City of Gillette, WY’s, Facebook page, the cover image features a familiar sight to Basin Electric employees.

Dry Fork Station gets the main billing, with a note explaining what it is that comes out of the coal-based power plant’s stack and a thank you to the coal industry for keeping residents warm on cold days.

Joe Lunne, City of Gillette public information officer, says for the last several years, the city has been actively supporting its local energy industries.

“Whether it be hosting congressional staffer trips to northeast Wyoming to educate the policy makers in Washington DC, making ties to Asian countries to export coal, or meeting with the leaders of the northwest states to facilitate the construction of ports to ship coal overseas, the City of Gillette is fully vested in supporting local industries,” Lunne says. “In fact, one of the Gillette City Council’s adopted goals for 2013 was to ‘Support Energy Development and Tourism in Northeast Wyoming,’ and that will be an ongoing directive for the City Council and for city staff.”

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