Basin Electric employee gets seats at Army/Navy football game

This year for the first time, Basin Electric sponsored the U.S. Military Academy, as a request after Basin Electric received the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Freedom Award in 2012.

Basin Electric ad

Ad in 2013 U.S. Military Academy Football Game Program.

The sponsorship came with tickets to the popular Army/Navy football game and a quarter-page advertisement advertisement in the 2013 U.S. Military Academy Football Game Program, which is handed out at all home games. The ad’s focus was employee recruitment.

But once those details were set, the question was who would get to use the tickets on game day Dec. 14?

An email went out to all military veteran-employees at Basin Electric to see who’d want to go. Their names went into a hat and Electrical Consulting Engineer Dan Swigost’s name came out.

Swigost served with the U.S. Navy 1972-1978 on the West coast and was eventually stationed off the coast of Okinawa and Viet Nam as a petty officer first class. He had never been to the Army/Navy game before, but his wife Mary Ann is a “fanatic for football.”

The Swigosts’ seats were on the 40-yard line, 18 rows up. “Great seats,” Swigost says.

Dan and Mary Ann Swigost

Dan and Mary Ann Swigost at the game.

“For me, it was neat to see all the servicemen, all the young cadets and midshipmen, their shiny faces. We stood in line at different points and it was fun to talk to them,” Swigost said. “More of an education for me, learning about what they get to do at their school.”

Dan Swigost

Dan Swigost.

He says the Blue Angels fly over was incredible. “I swear they touched the top of the stadium, they were so close. They were really showing off, really shook the stadium.” (Watch a video captured by another fan at the game: Blue Angels Fly Over #ArmyNavy)

The game was held at Lincoln Financial Field, where the Philadelphia Eagles call home. Capacity for the stadium is more than 68,500. The stands were full for the game at the start, but Swigost says people really started leaving before halftime because of the weather. “It snowed the first half, and rained the second. It was 32 degrees.” The Swigosts left during the third quarter and got back to the hotel to watch the final three minutes of the game. Navy won, 34-7.

Swigost says he and Mary Ann also went to see the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence while in the area.

“I would certainly take the tickets again next year if nobody wants them,” he jokes.

But then on a serious note. “It was a very nice thing to do for a veteran.”

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