Top 11 Basin Electric videos of 2013

Here is our list of top videos for 2013 on YouTube. You might recognize that many of these videos have been tops for several years running. There are a few new names on the list though. This list reflects the views in 2013 alone.

Happy new year!

1. Garrison Dam releases more than 103,000 cubic feet per second June 3, 2011 (110,741 views this year)

2. Quick look at Freedom Mine near Beulah, ND

3. Laramie River Station generates more power

4. “Earth Eater” bucket used at Freedom Mine

5. Coal mine dragline makes a big move

6. Quick look at housing in western North Dakota

7. Mother cuts 24 inches of hair, shaves head for St. Baldrick’s

8. Vanessa Raile of Sanford Health Braves the Shave

9. Cassandra Brazell – St. Baldrick’s shavee 2011

10. Transmission line crews work near Culbertson Generation Station

11. Flue Gas Desulfurization process at Great Plains Synfuels Plant

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