Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving 2010

Joe Connot Thanksgiving

Jay Keever (left) and Joe Connot (right) put out a feast on Thanksgiving Day 2010.

A few years back, we heard the story of Joe Connot and how his Thanksgiving feast for lots of people came to be: Co-op man cooks Thanksgiving meal for more than 90 guests (Video)

Please see the link above for photos and more background on Joe’s story. And the video below is a delight to watch. Joe taped it all in the midst of his business.

We wanted to remember his story again, a testament to the cooperative spirit at West Central Electric Cooperative in Murdo, SD.

We checked in with Joe to get an update. Wouldn’t you know, the feast has grown beyond Joe’s control:

The Murdo Lions are going to serve the meal this year. It just got too big for me to do. Last year I made 14 turkeys, we peeled over 60 lbs. of potatoes. I think we served 160 people. I started making turkeys a month in advance. I told the group last year that this would be my last, to which many wanted to pay me for the meal but it was not the money, just the time it was taking to fix the dinner. I used 4 cases of croutons. I hope it goes good for the Murdo Lions, as I would hate to see it come to an end. Maybe if it won’t work for them we may have to start again???? We had friends (that’s what we called them as they just came to eat) from as far as 100 miles drive to our dinner.

And yes I am making Thanksgiving dinner again this year, just that it will be at home. We have 18 people coming to join us, my children, Sharon’s children, and our grandchildren, along with a few other friends!!!!!!

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