A day in the life of a Basin Electric fleet maintenance supervisor

Tom Nozicka, Basin Electric fleet maintenance supervisor.[/

Tom Nozicka, Basin Electric fleet maintenance supervisor.

It’s a brisk Tuesday morning in Mandan, ND, and from the moment Tom Nozicka arrives at Basin Electric’s Transmission System Maintenance (TSM) location at 6:30 a.m., until he calls it a day around 5:30 p.m., he makes looking out for others his main priority.

The fleet maintenance supervisor is watching a nearby lot where a contracted equipment inspector is crouched below a 178-foot bucket truck, checking for cracks and anything else that could hinder the vehicle’s integrity.

Keeping a safe distance, and with hard hat and safety goggles in place, he points to the bucket truck as the inspector moves toward the back of the vehicle.

“They’ll go pretty much bumper to bumper on each of the units, looking for problems,” Nozicka says, adding that the specialist will examine a digger derrick when finished with the truck.

Equipment inspection, code compliance, operator certification and use permitting are ongoing processes for Nozicka and his staff, and there are up to 160 units of Basin Electric’s transmission equipment on the road at any given time. If a unit is down or due for a routine checkup, Nozicka gets the call.

Read more on a day in the life of a fleet maintenance supervisor in the November-December 2013 issue of Basin Today.


  1. Your commitment to the safety of the TSM staff is invaluable.

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