Basin Electric supports charity hunt

Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt

Coins given in thanks for support of Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt. (l to r): Andrew Buntrock, Basin Electric manager of commodity risk and North Dakota National Guard; Mike Eggl, Basin Electric senior vice president of Communications and Administration; and Ken Will, Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt.

As a show of thanks for supporting Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt, the organization gifted Basin Electric with military coins. Watch the video for an explanation of the significance of the coins.

Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt is a philanthopic celebrity hunting event. Teddy Roosevelt’s great-grandson Tweed Roosevelt goes along on the hunt. Other celebrities include Ted McKnight, former National Football League running back.

As a partner, the North Dakota National Guard does logistics for the hunt and weekend. Wounded warriors are included in the hunting teams, free of charge.

The money raised from hunters and sponsors goes to Bismarck Cancer Center, earmarked for cancer patient and cancer patient family support. This year the event raised about $150,000. Other sponsors give items like gift cards for the families affected by cancer, and the total support amounts to about $250,000.

Listen to Ken Will with Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt explain the program. Will is husband of Karen Will, Basin Electric multimedia specialist II.

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